I am done


No intensity. Can’t handle pressure. Can’t find a way to win = losers.

Get a new head coach.

Dan Bailey not having a good camp with Vikings


Turns out the front office made the right decision on cut down day last year.

Dan is not having a wonderful camp, judging from my friend @CourtneyRCronin and other Vikings writers’ feeds.

Maher has his issues, but it still seems pretty fair to say the Cowboys made the right call.

— David Helman (@HelmanDC) August 8, 2019

NFL Network showing Superbowl Teams today


Cowboys 1992 starts at 5 PM Central Time // '93 & '95 starts at 6 & 8PM CST

NFL Network



"I had somebody send me something in German," Brown says. "I had to translate it. It got weird."

Brad Sham: TJ Watt could have made the transition to a 4-3 defense


I studied a lot of tape of TJ Watt preparing to announce the Cotton Bowl, and I believe he could have made the transition to a 4-3 defense

Brad Sham on 105.3 The Fan

When Moore and Irving come back Taco should be cut and placed on the practice squad


When Moore and Irving come back Taco should be cut and placed on the practice squad. I don't think any team would want to sign him to their 53 man roster and right now he's our worst DE, so if anyone should be cut it should be him.


Putting together the playbook


"Adventure is just bad planning." - Roald Dahl

When do the Cowboys OC, head coach, and I'm guessing Dak Prescott put together the playbook and plays? Are they pretty much just taking last years playbook and adding some new wrinkles or do they start from scratch each year? How much do they add in once they season starts? I figured other than the bye week they can't add too much new stuff.

Compensatory picks


The Cowboys are currently projected to receive a 4th, and up to 3 5th round compensatory picks in the 2018 draft

Blogging the boys

Merry Christmas BTB!!


Just wanted to come here and express gratitude to Dave, for creating this site, to the FPW's for filling it with content about my favorite sports team, and all of the members for helping to fill my free time with intelligent and humorous discussion about our shared obsession!


Jaylon Smith Update:


"Day by day, the feeling is getting so much better," he said. "I’m able to do a lot more. I’m actually running now, doing some actual football drills – linebacker drills and stuff like that."
" Of course, the line of questioning will always go back to Smith’s peroneal nerve. The 22-year-old said he’s seeing positive developments."

OPINION: I still think there's a good chance he plays THIS year. This isn't some fourth rounder that needs polishing to play at the NFL level. This is Jaylon freaking Smith! Like would've been top five in the draft Jaylon smith!