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Trying to find statistics on replay reversals. I've found them separated by coaches challenge results by coach, but nothing that breaks it down by game, play, etc. specifically I am trying to find out how many defensive turnovers were reversed, confirmed, etc in Cowboys games last year. Anyone?




"Everyone has an opinion on the Jones family, and in these parts it generally ranges from the Cowboys homer who will not admit anything is wrong ever, to the disenfranchised Cowboys fan who now thinks they can't do anything right no matter what. That is why it is vital for us to find a way to take feelings out of any evaluation and just let the numbers speak for themselves."






Jerry Jones: 'I scream in my pillow' that Dallas isn't in the Super Bowl


Jerry Jones, on the experience of being around Super Bowl 50: "It's inspirational. It makes you want to just empty your bucket to get in here and have this kind of experience. We feel that way. It's deliberate. I hate it. I scream in my pillow when I go home at night when we're here. I want [the Dallas Cowboys] to be here so bad, but it's filling my bucket up so we can go."

If nothing else, Jerry always has the best quotes.

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Carson Wentz says working with Cowboys a 'tremendous opportunity'


"It's a tremendous opportunity. I think we've seen teams fall in love with players at any point during the draft process and this is just the first step in that process. Obviously, a great opportunity for me to show not just my physical abilities, but my mental side of things that the Cowboys staff can see at a whole other level." - Carson Wentz on working with the Cowboys coaching staff at the Senior Bowl.

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Concusion Mouthpiece


Force Impact Technologies stole the show with an innovative mouthpiece designed to confront one of sport’s most controversial topics: concussions. Dubbed the FITGuard, this revolutionary mouthpiece actively samples rates of acceleration to monitor the amount of force exerted on athletes during games or practices. For instance, if a football player endures what looks to be a hard tackle, his/her coach can look at the mouthpiece’s flashing LED display to get a reading of the impact. Flashing green represents a fairly low impact, blue means it’s more moderate, and red indicates a high probability of injury. This immediately gives players and coaches an opportunity to remove a player from a game or practice, even if said player doesn’t immediately feel any concussion symptoms. There have been a number of firms geared towards curbing or preventing the effects of concussions, but no company’s product makes more sense than Force Impact Technologies’ FITGuard. – Rick Stella

Tanking Is Not An Option


"If you're not motivated to find a way to win, you need to get off the team," linebacker Sean Lee said. "We need to make a move now. We have no more room for errors. We have to find a way to win games, get on a run if we want to save the season.

Dallas Cowboys: Sean Lee on current state of the Cowboys: 'If you're not motivated to find a way to win...get off the team' | SportsDay

FO: A Notable Failure of the Week - Dallas 4th try


Teams: Dallas at New York Giants Situation: fourth-and-8 at opponent 30, trailing 27-20 in fourth quarter with 1:56 left Play: Matt Cassel to James Hanna for 6 yards Air yards: 2 ALEX: minus-6 We had some good choices from Tennessee and Philadelphia, but those will be covered in Clutch Encounters tomorrow. This was a very crucial fourth-down play in the final two minutes. The Giants rushed four, Matt Cassel had time, but he still checked down to James Hanna, who was engulfed by three Giants two yards short of the sticks. Dallas never got another chance after muffing a punt to end the game. For starters, why was Hanna even on the field? He started the game and seemingly has moved ahead of the disappointing Gavin Escobar, but why have him run a route when he's so slow? Dallas' personnel should have been a running back, Jason Witten, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley and Devin Street as its five eligible receivers. Hanna has two targets all season and this was the second one. It's a bad decision to have him out there and it was a bad decision by Cassel to throw his way. Cassel had plenty of time and room to move to his left and make something happen. He did that (moving to his right) on the previous touchdown drive in the quarter. He also had Darren McFadden to his left, who has a better chance of running faster and/or breaking a tackle to convert than Hanna ever did. This was just a lousy play with the game on the line. Since 2006, we rarely see a minus-6 ALEX throw on fourth down. Of the 25 times it's happened, 11 converted for a first down. However, all of those conversions were to faster backs and wideouts, and half were thrown over the middle. Passes to tight ends were 0-for-4.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | ALEX: Week 7

JJ Wilcox getting some love from PFF....


Last year, J.J. Wilcox allowed 0.40 yards per coverage snap, which was 24th best among safeties. This year it’s at 0.02 which, third best. He allowed a 4-yard catch in Week 1, and hasn’t allowed a catch since then

PFF power rankings for Week 6

Escobar is trash


Can't get open. Can't block. Completely useless. Put Swaim in.