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Darren Woodson Podcast: How Lovie Smith was a father figure - and what made the 90's teams so great. Well worth a listen - PodCenter - ESPN

Of course I'm going to be right again like I'm right about everything


I said we should let Dez walk and sign Suh. So far it seems like that is how things will be shaking out. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

me, myself, and I

dez.Bryant video


So just heard on 105.3 the fan via m florio (dont know how to spell name) that dez might have a video that can have ray rice implications. Hope it aint true.


Dez or Demarco?


Dez or Demarco? The Dallas Cowboys may be forced with this decision in the upcoming offseason. As a knee-jerk reaction, the fans have been calling for Demarco Murray to keep the star on his helmet. Their thoughts make sense. He has had a monster year so far, rushing for 1,233 yards and seven touchdowns through ten games. He has already surpassed his career high in rushing yards, only trails his career high in touchdowns by two and appears to be on track to find the end zone at least twice more. Looking solely at his statistics, Murray looks like the future of the Cowboys’ backfield. Many Cowboys fans know that Murray has an injury bug that has occurred each year of his career, as he has yet to play an entire sixteen game season. This outburst of a season also owes credit to the offense line that Jerry Jones and his staff have built through the draft in recent years. Three of the last four first-round picks of the Cowboys have been offensive linemen Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Zach Martin. Smith has been to the Pro Bowl, Frederick appeared on the All-Rookie Team after his first season and Martin appears to be heading in the same direction. With an offensive line blossoming like this, some of Murray’s breakout season can be credited to them. Dez Bryant has been said to be a top three wide receiver in the NFL almost unanimously. With the talent he has and the trade Dallas made in the 2010 draft, it seems that Jerry Jones certainly has to pay the man. After some immature mistakes, Bryant has proven the mistakes off the field are done. First, let the statistics speak for themselves. In every year of his career he has increased his receiving yards. In his 2012 and 2013 campaigns, Dez topped 1,000 yards and is on pace to eclipse the mark in 2014 again. From the start of 2012 to now, he has thirty-three receiving touchdowns. That tops Calvin Johnson (20) and AJ Green (25) who are regarded as the other top wide outs along with Dez. In the current league, a superstar wide receiver is almost necessary. With his plays made against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bryant proved why he is a superstar. After broken tackles and speed, Bryant proved why he is a man among boys and the best athlete on the field more often than not. Now the contract issue: he has been outspoken saying he wants his contract to show he is respected league-wide. This would require Jerry Jones to pay him between twelve and fifteen million dollars a year based on the contracts that the top paid wide receivers are receiving. In today’s NFL, the shelf life of a running back is much shorter than that of a wide receiver. A superstar wide receiver deserves his money and Jerry Jones will pay the man. Don’t be surprised if Jerry finds a way to pay both.

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Facebook Guru Needed!


If you love BTB, the Cowboys and Facebook, and have some free time, I'd like to correspond with you. Hit me up on email (address on my profile) and let me know. -- Thanks, Dave

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New Cowboy


Jordan Ross @TheJordanRoss Follow The Cowboys have signed DT Zach Minter and waived CB Korey Lindsey. (Via @nickeatman)


what happened to archie?


haven't been on the site for awhile,does archie barabro not write here anymore?

Paul Domowitch tweets Eagles RT Lane Johnson to miss 4 games


Paul Domowitch via Twitter

Claiborne for Arthur Brown?


What about trading Mo to the Ravens for Arthur Brown? They just drafted C.J. Moseley and Brown was buried on the depth chart as a second round rookie last year. Highly regarded coming out of Kansas State.

Just a thought.

Watkins gives JG some southern drawl


"We’ll have a tighter winder than what it’s been," coach Jason Garrett said.