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Dallas Cowboys Interactive Roster Builder 2016

Now you can construct your very own version of the 2016 Dallas Cowboys with our Interactive Roster Builder. And then delete it and start over again. And again. And again.

Welcome to the 2016 version of The Roster Builder.

With this tool that was developed by our very own Coty Saxman, you can whittle down the roster from 90 to 53 players, build a practice squad, change players' positions, try to get under the cap - and watch your dead money total for 2017 climb sky high.

For those of you who've used the Roster Builder before it will have a familiar look and feel to it.


For everybody else: Click the button below to launch the program (it will open in a new tab/window). To get started, click on 'Reset Everything' in the new window to load the most up-to-date roster into the tool. Also, you'll probably have to keep this window open for the Roster Builder to work in the other window.

[Last Update: 9/3]

Dallas Cowboys Interactive Roster Builder

Note: This program was written in JavaScript. If your browser does not support JavaScript, you will be informed of that below. In general, Internet Explorer is non-compatible, while Chrome and Firefox are compatible.

Practice Squad: You can put up to 10 guys on the practice squad. Unfortunately, the tool will only show eight. Also, all players with two years experience are now marked as PS eligibile, even though only a maximum of four of those guys can be added to the PS – but I trust the BTB users to be able to make that distinction.