Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has put together quite the résumé in his first three NFL seasons

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Playing quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys has a spotlight like none other in sports. The responsibility of quarterbacking and leading America’s Team comes with tons of attention — and therefore, a lot of scrutiny.

We saw with it Tony Romo, despite number nine proving to be among the best at his position during his career in the NFL. Now we are seeing it with Dak Prescott, who has just led the Cowboys to a second ten-win season and NFC East title in his three seasons in the league. He has yet to post a losing season.

Can Dak improve? Of course. This is his third season in the league, and the young signal-quarterback is already ahead of where he was originally supposed to be, considering the Cowboys drafted the Mississippi State product in the fourth-round to back up Romo. While Prescott can certainly find ways to be better in different areas, such as getting rid of the football quicker and making confident throws, number four has shown that he can get the job done time and time again.

Take a look at some of what Prescott has accomplished thus far on the professional level for America’s Team.

Prescott is in elite company when it comes to touchdown passes in first three seasons of career

Dak Prescott has thrown more touchdown passes through the first three seasons of a quarterback’s career than anbody not named Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck, who also tossed 22 at the same point in their respective careers.

Prescott’s latest touchdown was certainly among the most exciting of his young career:

Dak has already matched Troy Aikman in one particular statistic

Yes, they are two different eras of football, but it is interesting to see that Prescott has as many games of 3+ touchdown passes through 49 games that Aikman had in his whole career.

No player in NFL history has accomplished what Dak has through the air and on the ground

Prescott is a true dual-threat. Dak continues to improve as a passer as he continues to grow and learn, plus he has the ability to burn defenses with his legs. Not only does the Cowboys quarterback have more rushing touchdowns than anyone else at his position since entering the league in 2016, but Prescott is also the first player to ever have 20+ TD passes and 5+ TD runs in each of his first three seasons on the professional level.

We all know how good Rayne Dakota is when the game is on the line and the lights shine the brightest

Is Dak a perfect, flawless quarterback? No, we understand that. But Prescott is a good NFL signal caller that takes his game to another level when it is time to win.

Three consecutive winning seasons

At the end of the day, Dak has shown that he can get it done. With three consecutive winning seasons, Prescott sits in rare company — as only four other quarterbacks can make that claim in 2018-19.

Not only that, but in two of those seasons the Cowboys won at least ten games and made the playoffs. That’s impressive.

Take a look at this résumé

Dak might be getting hot at the right time

Dak Prescott’s play appears to be where the Cowboys need it to be as the team prepares for battle with the Seattle Seahawks. Despite playing without his typical supporting cast, Prescott led his team to a road victory that has a chance to pay dividends in the postseason. Check out Prescott’s Pass Chart from the regular season finale victory:

Sturm pointed out that Prescott’s last two-and-half months have been among Dak’s best in regards to the deep ball. The Cowboys will certainly love to see that trend continue.

Dak understands that wins and losses ultimately mean more than any other stat he puts up

Let’s see what Dak has in store this weekend.


Interesting Stat - Fumbles

According to resume above he has had 13 fumbles in his career.
According to his 2018 stats he had 12 fumbles this year.
So many fumbles this year…wow!

Why you reply to me?

Cheating an opinion up to the top

It ain't cheating- it's a chess move.

fight! fight! fight!

Not every fumble is a turnover.

The 13 listed above is for fumbles lost.

It took an Aggie to tell him the correct answer. That’s awesome.

So accurate...

you do this every time

Trying to get yourself up on that rec leaderboard

He got one from me


We left out a stat.

Dak is tied – admittedly, with a whole bunch of other quarterbacks, for last place in number of postseason victories through two seasons.

Let’s hope that changes pretty quickly, and not just by moving up one spot. It would be nice to see him with four postseason victories after his third season.

Cue the explosion

Dak's throw was more Romo than Romo.....

Dak stole a page out of Romo’s book….

i’m glad he went to the chapter on "Romodini" and skipped the "party with B-list divorcee in Cabo the week before divisional playoff"

Stole? He ripped it out and wrote it better.

We can agree that the throw to Beasley was Romoesque.

But the part that I find encouraging is that the drive was somewhat Staubachian. We need more of that!


I posted a comment like this last night – clearly joking while doing so – and it got deleted. Not cool.

Oregon, that deleted a comment unpleasant to certain parties on here happens to me as well, If someone does not like your comment they will reply with banned language so the entire thing gets deleted


Well that sucks. Is what it is, I guess.

Man I was having fun with all the positivety today

I will avoid these comments up coming and wait for the next article.


I am looking at his Resume here. Where is the Playoff victories?

That’s what counts.

He will have 4 after February 3rd

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