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Cowboys Playbooks: Football 101

A collection of articles dissecting Monte Kiffin's playbook and other general schemes and football education.

Cowboys X's & O's: How To Get The Ball To Dez

What are some ways that Scott Linehan could generate more opportunities for their best receiver, Dez Bryant? Check out three concepts that could open up the game for #88.

Looking At The Victor Cruz TD

What happened on the play that cost Dallas the game? Less bad than you might think.Unfortuantely, it only takes one mistake.

Freeze Frame: Why Randy Gregory's Status Matters

A look at film on Randy Gregory makes it abundantly clear the Cowboys really need him to return to the team, healthy and ready to play.

Are Defensive Backs The Real Concern For Dallas D?

Even when Orlando Scandrick returns, will the Dallas Cowboys still be in a bind at the defensive back position?

Is The Spread Offense Here To Stay?

Why are we seeing so much spread offense in the NFL? Are the defenses ever going to catch up?

Cowboys Game Plan To Be Much Different This Year?

With a new defensive coordinator and a new offensive coordinator, can we expect to see some new things in our game plan and playbook?

Looking At The Slot Receiver Role In An Offense

In today's NFL the use of the slot receiver has been one of the reasons that some teams can score over 30 points a game on a regular basis. How do they do it?

Ask BTB: The Language Of A Play Call

What exactly goes into the language of the play call and the cadence by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage?

Football 101: The Dallas Cowboys Evolving Defense

With more and more teams going with three, four, and even five wide outs, the defenses are countering with more safeties and corners to keep from having to defend faster guys with slower guys and the Tampa-2 is evolving because of it.

A Closer Look At DeMarco Murray & The RB Position

Is 1,000 yards for a running back still an accomplishment? The Dallas Cowboys have a big decision on whether to re-sign DeMarco Murray because of his injury concerns.

Is The Fullback Position A Vanishing Breed?

Will we see a reversal of the vanishing fullback position this year because of the Seahawks. The Dallas Cowboys are bringing back the fullback.

Playing The Run: One Gap vs Two Gap

There are two prevailing schools of thought when it comes to playing the run in the NFL. Let's learn exactly what they entail.

Cowboys Gameplans: Defending The Broncos (VIDEO)

Let's go to the chalkboard to take a look at a couple of things I would try if I was Monte Kiffin coordinating this Cowboys Defense.

Football Basics: Gameplanning & Scripting

We have heard a lot of talk about Tony Romo's increased involvement in the Cowboys game planning for the 2013 season. But what exactly goes into this? Let's talk game plans and scripting...

On The Chalkboard: Four Verticals

Is there a route combination that can be used against any coverage in any down and distance situation effectively? Why yes, and I'm so glad you asked... Let's go to the chalk board to talk it out.

On The Chalkboard: The Pistol Formation

What is it? Why is it successful? & Why we will see the Cowboys line up in it in 2013....

On The Chalkboard: Cover 3 Beaters - Stick Concept

As we prepare for the 2013 NFL Season, let's go back to the Chalkboard to look at a popular route combination used to attack Cover 3, a coverage we will see very regularly from the Dallas Cowboys under Monte Kiffin.

On The Chalkboard: Cover 3 Beaters- Y-Sail

As we prepare for the 2013 NFL Season, let's go back to the Chalkboard to look at a popular route combination used to attack Cover 3, a coverage we will see very regularly from the Dallas Cowboys under Monte Kiffin.

Inside Kiffin's Playbook: Blitzes!

Take a look at two of the more exotic blitzes in Monte Kiffin's repertoire.

On The Chalkboard: The Dagger Concept

Let's take a look at how teams will try to attack the middle of the field against the Cowboys new defensive scheme under Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin.

On The Chalkboard: Attacking Cover 2 pt 2

Let's take a look at a play-action scheme designed to gain chunk yardage against Cover 2 defenses.

Where's the Will?

Let's look at two examples of defensive fronts we will see from the Dallas Cowboys in 2013 to discover a nuance in the new 4-3 scheme.

Inside Kiffin's Playbook: Rushmen Summer Drills

Take a look at how the Cowboys will be drilling their defensive line this offseason with a look at Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli's prescribed position drills.

Inside Kiffin's Playbook: The Nickel

Behind the base set, the Nickel is where the team will spend a large portion of its time defending modern passing offenses. Take a look at how Monte Kiffin runs it.

On The Chalkboard: Tampa Two

Let's take our first trip to the chalk board and examine what will be the Cowboys' base coverage under new DC Monte Kiffin.

Inside Kiffin's Playbook: Nickel+Dime DLine Games

Examine the Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli approach to pressuring the quarterback with a mere four-man rush.

Inside Kiffin's Defensive Line Manual

How will Rod Marinelli and Monte Kiffin coordinate the Cowboys' Defensive Line? Look inside their Defensive Line Manual and see.

Coverage Schemes vs. Combination Routes

Take a look at the myriad "what-if" coverage scenarios detailed in Monte Kiffin's '98 Bucs playbook.

Monte Kiffin's Line Stunts

As the Dallas Cowboys prepare to implement Monte Kiffin's 4-3 defense, we take a look at the defensive line stunts from his '98 playbook.

Monte Kiffin's Defensive Philosophies

Take a peek into the philosophies and objectives presented in Monte Kiffin's old Buccaneers' playbook in an attempt to discern the 2013 Cowboys' incoming philosophical changes.

Technique Number And Gap Control

Take the time to review the essentials of defensive line technique-numbering, and develop a better understanding of why things are the way they are.

"50 Is The Mike!"

Identifying the "Mike" linebacker is a key part of setting the protection for an offense. We take a closer look at what happens once the QB calls out the "Mike".

Inside Kiffin's Playbook

Take a peak at the alignments of the front 7 within Monte Kiffin's new scheme in Dallas.

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Football 101 - The Zone Read Scheme - And one way to defeat it.

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Football 101 - Defensive Line (Part 3)

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Football 101 - Defensive Line (Part 2) and More.


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